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      Volume Recovery

      There are vein removal areas of the body that create a need for aesthetic volume improvement. This is a fast, super simple procedure that literally converts older-looking hands to younger-looking hands in minutes. Micro-phlebectomy of the protruding hand veins and radiuses filler Injections are introduced into the back of the hands, both might be assumed to be painful, but in reality, the procedures are virtually painless. It generally takes less than 20 minutes to inject both hands.

      Volume enhancement changes as technology evolves. Meet with Dr. Smalling anytime to discuss your site-specific volume loss and vein removal discussions. The face, the hands, and areas of the body with old scars or pits near bulging surface veins assessed to be easily removed, like behind the knee or the tendons, bones and the veins of aging hands are common concerns considerations. For example, the FDA has cleared Radiesse's indication for volume loss in the back of the hands. Radiesse is a dense easy-to-mold filler made of Calcium-based microspheres. With an established longevity of 12 to 24 months, Radiesse wears well in the hands and provides an instant cushion replacement and why they were given the hand volume loss indication. The depressions caused by vein removal in the hands and the additional volume loss between the tendons can be refilled so the bony appearance is reduced, giving your hands a softer, fuller appearance that signifies youth. Radiesse rejuvenation for hands usually requires at least two syringes. But each patient is unique and volume loss is individual, so discuss with Dr. Smalling your customized Hand Lift Plan. Other competing fillers are evolving and improving, so stay up-to-date by consulting with Dr. Smalling and his trusted staff at IN VEIN.

      Radiesse Plus is now pre-mixed with Lidocaine so that the nerve endings in the skin are anesthetized. A "bolus" or "ball" of Radiesse is injected and then massaged into the volume-deficient areas. Because the product is thicker than hyaluronic fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane and others), it specifically is easily massaged into the proper place and remains in those areas so the skin is perceived as hydrated, smooth and even. Radiesse, when properly metabolized and injected, maintains a soft, natural feel and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding skin tissue. Once integrated into the skin, the presence of the Radiesse microspheres promotes new elastin and collagen production, which is a secondary and additional benefit.

      Continue to check back with IN VEIN regarding news of advances in technology and improvements, along with newer discoveries for supporting patient's concerns of volume loss and protruding veins of the hands and the like.

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