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      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling, MD, FACC, FSCAI

      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling, MD, FACC, FSCAI

      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling, MD, FACC, FSCAI

      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 1986, where he also completed his residency in 1989. His medical training continued when he accepted one of the four seats offered in the Cardiovascular Fellowship at LA County Hospital. There, Dr. Smalling trained under the Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the University of Southern California Medical Center headed by professor Dr. Shahbudin Rahimtoola, who is the distinguished ACC recipient of a lifetime achievement award in 2013, in the company of only four other recipients ever to receive the ACC award. Dr. Rahimtoola is known as "the world's cardiologist", and Dr. Smalling cites his successes over the past two decades as being tied to the physician who equipped him to excel in his expertise.

      Dr. Smalling furthered his cardiology specialty by dedicating himself to an additional fellowship year specializing in Interventional Cardiology at The Heart Institute at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, OR. Upon graduating, he moved his family of four to Springfield, MO, and enjoyed a thriving Interventional Cardiology practice there for ten years. Besides his successes at St. John's Regional Health Center, he served as Medical Director for Hammons Heart Institute while also becoming known as a "Top Doc" in Cardiovascular Disease by "417 Magazine." Smalling was the author for several clinical Interventional Cardiology research trials, and while developing patented devices and leading many educational speaking engagements. His patient successes led to Mercy St. John's recruiting Dr. Smalling to implement a Peripheral Interventional Cardiology for the Cardiology program in Joplin, MO, in 2007. He built a thriving practice there and implemented the program to help support local patients from having to travel for their peripheral interventional needs, along with implementing numerous new technologies to improve patient outcomes at Mercy St. John's.

      Dr. Smalling was the attending cardiologist on the day of the Joplin tornado in May of 2011, which devastated the hospital and town. With his quick, decisive leadership, he led a team of ICU staff to prepare for impact within a few minutes after citing the tornado. He and the staff and tremendously-compromised patients on the floors survived the wrath, and all the patients, but one survived. He was one of the physicians called upon to meet with the media and emergency organizations. Despite losing the hospital, Dr. Smalling continued his successes in Joplin, post tornado, whether in 'office' trailers or temporary Cath Lab spaces (whereever Mercy could secure one properly).

      He was recruited again to nearby Via Christi Pittsburg to implement a Peripheral Interventional Cardiology program. He chose the area so he could stay close in proximity to his four children at home in Springfield, MO, but he felt he needed to select finally one facet of expertise in his vast endovascular skill set after being approached to fill a gap that was evident in Kansas City. With the encouragement of many colleagues with whom he has worked alongside developing industry-leading peripheral devices and his involvement in current clinical studies and outcome data, he agreed that Kansas City would be the final city to implement an interventional cardiology practice, but solely dedicated to veins. IN VEIN of Smalling Vascular Institute is to be his last private practice move and his most anticipated practice to date. After twenty-three years of helping his colleagues and hospital employers expand their Interventional Cardiology programs, Dr. Smalling is opening his state-of-the-art clinic in Overland Park, KS, while also bringing advances in treating chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) to the greater Kansas City region. Dr. Smalling feels blessed to like his busy, long, distinguished career, continuing today with over 15,000 vascular procedures behind him, and superior outcome rates that have been integral in facilitating many very ill patients' vascular improvements. The past years, Dr. Smalling has dedicated the majority of his practice working with Podiatrists and Wound Physicians to help patients with sore covered limbs, ulcerated gangrene limbs and complete or nearly complete salvaging limbs by his revascularization methods. Through wound healing and dying tissue regeneration, where amputation was once the patient's only hope to save a diseased limb, he has been able to restore blood supply successfully to over 99.9% of the limb salvage patients with whom he has managed. Many who came to him with no hope of saving their legs. Limb health restoration and salvage are passions for Dr. Smalling's.

      Dr. Smalling's decades of performing successful, extremely complex cardiac and peripheral procedures via endovascular techniques has Smalling pegged as the Cardiologist's venous referral specialist. Venous Disease, affecting between 60-80 Million people in the U.S., has driven a need for the top technicians managing what was only considered a cosmetic procedure in the past. Vascular specialists are what other specialists recommend for their patients seeking relief from varicose veins and the side effects of chronic venous insufficiency. Amazingly, Smalling wants to educate those involved in venous disease that many patients have early onset signs of venous disease, but wait until they're obvious on the surface of the skin. He seeks to educate better the population about typical symptoms that can sometimes trump noticing the ineffective veins on the surface. Experience and teaching are where Smalling's vast skill set will set him apart as a specialist, especially among the most complex and late-stage cases in the vein removal medical field. And why so many of his cardiology colleagues encouraged him to create Smalling Vascular Institute and opening IN VEIN in Overland Park, KS. Many Interventional Cardiologists struggle to find the time to dedicate the necessary scheduling time for vein removal while juggling other Cath Lab procedures. To fill this need is why Dr. Smalling is concentrating his private practice on veins 100% of the time at IN VEIN. He is THE referral source for other busy KC cardiologists. And he is the referral source for other specialists in the area seeking reputable and qualified Interventional Cardiologists to help their patients with CVI. The need in KC led Dr. Smalling to heed his colleagues' requests for him to consider relocation and bring his skill set and years of expertise in peripheral vascular disease with hundreds of limb salvaging successes to the metro area. He is a premiere limb vascular health management specialist with a modern, professional clinic and staff. His practice makes him the only Interventional Cardiologist in a solo private practice solely dedicated to the art and skill of ridding patients of the troubling side effects of lower extremity inefficient venous systems and CVI. He's waiting to meet with you and to hear your concerns!

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