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      VenaSeal Non-Thermal Ablation in Overland Park, KS

      VenaSeal Non Thermal Ablation in Overland Park, KS

      Circulatory conditions like varicose veins may affect your appearance and cause discomfort. You deserve a minimally invasive treatment that offers a speedy recovery with minimal side effects.

      Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling uses VenaSeal™ to treat varicose veins at the Smalling Vascular Institute.

      The VenaSeal™ system is a form of non-thermal ablation, meaning that it does not use heat for vein closure. The VenaSeal™ system may provide benefits that thermal ablation doesn’t, such as less pain.

      Treatment from Dr. Smalling means that your needs are taken into account. Make an appointment today to address your vascular issues by calling (913) 912-3624 or contact us online.

      What is VenaSeal Non-Thermal Ablation?

      VenaSeal™ system is an outpatient procedure that delivers a non-toxic, medical adhesive to shut diseased veins. The VenaSeal™ system may provide faster recovery, less pain, and smaller bruising than a typical thermal ablation procedure.

      What Can VenaSeal Treat?

      VenaSeal™ is often used to treat varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that have become twisted, swollen, or purple-like in color.

      Veins carry blood from your body to the heart. Varicose veins occur when dysfunctioning vein valves cause the blood to flow backward.

      Varicose veins commonly occur in the legs and can negatively affect your skin’s appearance. They may even become painful, or ulcers may form.

      How is VenaSeal Performed?

      The VenaSeal™ procedure typically takes less than an hour.

      To begin, Dr. Smalling will make an incision into your skin and vein. No anesthesia or tumescent (heat-conducting and numbing) solution is used. A small catheter is then inserted into the incision, where the adhesive is delivered into the target vein.

      Your skin is pushed down to touch the insides of the vein together. Once the adhesive “glues” the vein closed, the catheter is removed. You’ll leave the office with a small wound covering over the incision.

      What to Expect after VenaSeal

      You may be able to return to your daily activities soon after the procedure. Dr. Smalling will discuss aftercare with you in further detail.

      You will likely not need to wear compression stockings. Bruising and pain may occur, but there is no risk of skin burns or nerve damage.

      As a result of VenaSeal™, blood flow will be redirected to healthier veins to reduce the pain and signs of varicose veins. The diseased vein will be reabsorbed into your tissues over the next months. The protocol’s effects may be seen three months after your appointment.

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      Treat varicose veins with non-thermal ablation. Call (913) 912-3624 or contact us online for your VenaSeal™ consultation.

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