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      Neuropathy Doctor in Overland Park KS

      Neuropathy Doctor in Overland Park, KS

      When issues like diabetes or injuries are affecting your peripheral nerves, the resulting and sometimes painful peripheral neuropathy can impact quality of life.

      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling is an Interventional Cardiologist with experience in treating peripheral neuropathy. By closing off dysfunctional veins, your peripheral neuropathy may be treated.

      The Smalling Vascular Institute will meet you where you are and provide the protocols needed need to find relief. Reach out to a neuropathy doctor at (913) 912-3624 or contact us online.

      What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

      Peripheral neuropathy is disease or damage to the peripheral nerves.

      Peripheral nerves deliver messages from the central nervous system to the body. Types of nerves that can be affected include the sensory nerves (sensation), motor nerves (motion and muscles), and autonomic nerves (internal organs and systems), known as autonomic neuropathy.

      Types of Peripheral Neuropathy

      The two main types of peripheral neuropathy are polyneuropathy and mononeuropathy.

      The majority of peripheral neuropathy cases are polyneuropathy, meaning that numerous nerves are affected. Diabetic neuropathy and Guillain-Barre syndrome are examples, with peripheral neuropathy being the most common type of diabetic neuropathy.

      Mononeuropathy is the compression or injury of a single nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome and radial nerve palsy are examples.

      Though uncommon, autonomic neuropathy can impact organs like the heart and intestines.

      Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

      Most causes of peripheral neuropathy are unknown. Peripheral neuropathy can occur due to nerve and blood vessel damage from high blood pressure (diabetic neuropathy), as well as:

      • vitamin deficiencies
      • autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
      • chronic kidney disease
      • thyroid disease
      • broken bones or other injuries
      • infections like Lyme disease
      • drinking too much alcohol
      • lymphoma
      • chemotherapy

      Neuropathy can also be a symptom of chronic venous insufficiency.

      Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

      Symptoms can vary depending on the type of peripheral neuropathy you have and the nerves affected, including:

      • sweating
      • numbness
      • tingling
      • muscle cramps
      • burning
      • joint pain
      • low blood pressure
      • muscle paralysis
      • muscle weakness
      • ulcers
      • muscle wasting
      • infection

      Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

      For neuropathy treatment, we close dysfunctional veins. Once the vein is blocked, blood flow is directed to another vessel.

      At the Smalling Vascular Institute, we have found that when hemodynamic equilibrium is achieved, patients may see their symptoms completely resolve and experience better sensations.

      Methods may include:

      • Chemical ablation: also known as sclerotherapy, a solution is delivered into the vein that targets its wall and closes the vessel
      • Venefit: a type of thermal ablation where a catheter is placed into the vein to scar and close it with radiofrequency energy
      • VenaCure EVLT: a type of thermal ablation where a catheter is placed into the vein to scar and close it with laser light
      • VenaSeal: it acts as an adhesive or glue when injected into the vein

      Dr. Smalling will discuss the protocols with you in further detail and answer any questions you have.

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