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      Cosmetic Aesthetic

      IN VEIN considers aesthetic procedures on a case-by-case basis. Some of the aesthetics practiced include injecting FDA approved neurotoxins and biologic filler agents beneath the skin to treat volume loss due to aging. Also, vein removal or absorption of destroyed veins in the hands, face and upper foot are additionally considered, where applicable and acceptable, on occasion, for the patient meeting certain medical criteria. Schedule your appointment to meet with the IN VEIN staff to see if and how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

      Your Care is our Greatest Concern & Optimal Outcomes are the Goals at IN VEIN:

      One of the greatest concerns in a list of many concerns for physicians and healthcare providers who are versed in aesthetic injections are complications in injecting filler agents or neurotoxins into the vascular system. There are always risks and contraindications for any procedure, but necrotic tissue due to injecting the product into any of the vascular areas near the injecting site. Great care and mapping is essential for a patient and for a physician. At IN VEIN, we insist that your injector has the proper tools to reduce the risks of infiltrating a vein or artery, so as to avoid any potential for necrosis.

      • Injecting FDA approved neurotoxins and biologic filler agents treating volume loss
      • Varicose veins that cause problems with blood flow
      • Leg pain and heaviness
      • Skin changes or sores that are caused by too much pressure in the veins
      • Blood clots or swelling in the veins
      • Improving the appearance of your leg
      • Varicose veins that can't be treated with newer procedures

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