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      Chemical Ablation

      Varithena is a commercially developed Sclerant used to irritate the dysfunctional superficial vein's endothelium, shutting down these incompetent vessels. The blood is then forced to move through the deep venous system for a more efficient return to the heart. It is a game-changer for those patients with visible Varicose Veins (those veins that look like rope beneath the skin's surface.

      Sclerotherapy can be used for medical indications and sometimes for cosmetic corrections. Cosmetic, obviously, isn't covered by any health insurance provider. But "foam-guided" sclerotherapy does have a medical purpose in closing refluxing veins which are failing to return the blood back to the heart. This medical procedure refers to the process of injecting a sclerosant liquid substance into target veins (referred to as endovenous chemical ablation) and is performed using duplex ultrasonography to guide the injections in the superficial venous system. The goal with sclerosants is to "destroy function" in the dysfunctional vein so as to improve the efficiency of blood flow to the deeper venous system.

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