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      The Only Comprehensive and Dedicated Vein Clinic in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City Metro Area), led by a highly sought and in demand Interventional Cardiovascular Specialist

      Dr. Ronnie Smalling MD

      FINALLY, Kansas City has one of the highly trained clinical specialists treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

      IN VEIN Smalling Vascular Institute (SVI) was founded by Dr. Smalling, and his dedicated team, in 2016. He took his extensive experience of the vascular system and focused specifically on the diagnosis and treatment of CVI, while assessing peripheral vascular disease from a Cardiology perspective. There are only a handful of Interventional Cardiologists (IC's) in the US focused SOLELY on treating CVI and Dr. Smalling does it in a 5000 square foot private practice.

      Dr. Smalling selected the Kansas/Missouri region as the strategic center for his 100% vein-only treatment clinic. Most great physicians do not know how prevalent and debilitating CVI is for so many patients and so few in healthcare truly understand the complexities of CVI. This leaves patients wondering how to get relief for their symptoms. Dr. Smalling is here to educate and advocate for patients with unknown ankle swelling, restless legs, wounds that will not heal, neuropathy and other leg and foot ailments that all stem from CVI.

      At IN VEIN, we are dedicated and specialize in treating venous insufficiency and the issues that manifest from the disease with a customized approach. Each patient's lower limb concerns are unique. Dr. Smalling collaborates closely with our area's best Interventional Cardiologists/Radiologists to resolve our patient's complex vascular concerns.

      We see young patients who stand long hours on a job. We see pregnant and post-pregnant patients whose legs demonstrate the typical side effects of pregnancy caused by increased blood volume. We consult high BMI patients of all ages, and older patients who suffer from diabetes and wounds that won't heal. IN VEIN is equipped with the most sophisticated, technically advanced procedures available to rid patients of venous disease that manifest in varicose veins, aches, pains and venous ulcers - just to name a few examples.

      One treatment technique will not always fit every patient. Therefore, we perform a variety of technical procedural approaches including:

      Dr. Smalling served as one of the five Medtronic national preceptor sites, hosting physicians from across the U.S. to learn the latest technique in closing dysfunctional superficial veins.

      What Makes an Interventional Cardiologist?

      Interventional Cardiology is a highly specialized branch of cardiology that deals specifically with catheter-based treatments endovascularly. Guidewires pass through the arteries or veins. These catheters are used to study, repair, and stent many structural issues within the heart and arteries throughout the body. ICs also use dye to explore coronary and peripheral (legs) arteries in the Catheter Lab (Cath Lab). Venous disease can be approached superficially in an outpatient setting with ultrasound guidance. And more complex cases are, again, approached in the Cath Lab setting with catheters and dye. Most Interventional Cardiologists have trained in a fellowship year for Cardiology, followed by another additional fellowship year for Interventional Cardiology, which is the case with Dr. Smalling.

      Dr. Smalling has spent his 24-year career using balloons, stents, and other angioplasty tools to treat complex coronary arterial disease from an Interventionalist’s perspective. Catheter skills are precision-based procedures most commonly utilized by Interventionalists. Unlike the venous system, the smaller arteries are delicate and detailed, requiring specialized technical skills which are necessary for complex peripheral (legs) coronary and cardiac (heart) procedures. Renowned Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Ronnie Smalling, has shared his expertise with over 17,000 patients, resulting in a 99.99% successful outcome for patients who complete his treatments. Medicine is ever changing and physicians' time with their patients is decreasing. This concerned Dr. Smalling and led to his leaving corporate medicine to focus in a more patient-focused environment in the private practice model where he could take the time needed with each patient to make sure they got the proper care.

      "Time limits, or face-to-face time limits, don't work for me and for my patients. Even though I still have to be efficient with my clinic time, especially on procedure days, I can do what is best for each patient, each day. And I don't have anyone analyzing how long I spend with a particular patient. There are some symptoms or diagnostics that require more time spent with particular patients. Smalling Vascular Institute was my answer to my longing and my prayers. And the greater Kansas City area was, and is, ideal."

      – Dr. Ronnie Smalling

      Our Doctor

      Dr. Ronnie G. Smalling, MD, FACC, FSCAI

      The need in KC led Dr. Smalling to heed his colleagues' requests for him to consider relocation and bring his skill set and years of expertise in peripheral vascular disease with hundreds of limb salvaging successes to the metro area. He is a pioneer limb vascular health management specialist with a modern, professional clinic and staff. His practice makes him the only Interventional Cardiologist in a private practice solely dedicated to the art and skill of treating patients’ troubling side effects of lower extremity inefficient venous system and CVI. He's waiting to meet with you and to hear your concerns!

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