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We have our patients, jumping for joy!
Are you one of the countless millions with symptoms of undiagnosed vascular disease?

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Diseased Vessels can strike at any age, all genders, and even healthy patients.
It may be venous. Or it may be arterial.

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The area's only comprehensive vein center, run by an Interventional Cardiologist,
treating veins exclusively.

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Quit missing out on the life you desire- freedom of leg aches and pains.
Diagnose the cause whether it may be venous, or arterial disease or a combination?

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Smalling Vascular Institute LLC

Evaluation and treatment from a veteran peripheral Interventional Cardiologist (IC), in our state-of-the-art Overland Park, KS practice facility. IN VEIN by Smalling Vascular Institute was conceived using proven and progressive techniques, cutting-edge technology, the most advanced equipment and techniques from which to choose, allowing individualized procedure plans for each patient's particular disease state. IN VEIN's evaluation processes provides the necessary knowledge, technique specific selection for our patients to enjoy successful outcomes. Our specialist, Dr. Ronnie Smalling's comprehensive venous disease approach and management experience provides detailed and proper assessments of each patient and their individual disease progression. IN VEIN's approach, setting Smalling's patients as individuals, so each patient has the opportunity to enjoy the most optimal result possible. Just as his nearly 16,000 patients have enjoyed throughout his years practicing from Springfield, MO, to Joplin, MO and the SE KS region. Dr. Smalling's successes have come from his impeccable training, where the IC is to evaluate the "whole patient" as best he/she can, to realize often there are many times there are a myriad of symptoms and health issues for a given patient. Sometimes best understood by ruling out other cardiovascular concerns. At IN VEIN, our patients feel at ease and that they are valued and respected. Most patients comment how he listens fully to each of his patients. And he tries teaching his patient's about a multitude of health considerations so his patients aren't left with more questions than when they came in to see him initially. He considers himself a bit, "old school", in that he sets his computer aside while speaking with his patients and observing them throughout their encounters. IN VEIN is a unique and comprehensive setting, when considering all things veins.

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SVI Staff 2019

SVI Staff 2019

SVI Staff 2019

Office Manager: Ivette Powers

Insurance: Doris Hiatt

Front Desk: Dani Adams, Hanna Nealey, Desirae Johansen

Ultrasound Technicians: Angel Boley RVT, Lori Brackett RVT

Clinical Staff: Lindsey Brown, Samantha Fuller, Daisy Pinedo

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Smalling Vascular Institute LLC

11025 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 913-912-3624 Fax: 913-717-6362


Monday: 9:00 - 6:00

Tuesday: 9:00-5:00

Wednesday: 8:00-5:00

Thursday: 9:00- 600

Friday: 9:00-5:00

Saturday: Office closed, by appointment only, and by availability. No receptionist answering calls

Sunday: Office Closed. Community free screenings on occasion, check out our calendar

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