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      After over two decades of treating patients in the Cath Lab and working to successfully preserve not only heart attack patients but also treating for Peripheral Vascular Disease, salvaging limbs became one of Dr. Smalling’s greatest passions. He never lost one patient’s leg.

      However, radiation exposure for these specialists takes its toll, so naturally, practicing on the Venous side of medicine was an ideal fit. For nearly five years now, Smalling Vascular Institute LLC has been in the greater Kansas City area providing superior clinical support, diagnostics, and treatment in the Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) environment.

      Come see why so many of the area’s specialists send patients from all Kansas City hospital systems to have Dr. Smalling assess patients' legs. Many of our patients arrive trying to find answers regarding their leg health. There are many symptoms we commonly see:

      • Neuropathy
      • Lymphedema
      • Non-healing wounds
      • Leg ulcers
      • Restless legs
      • Diabetic foot problems
      • Ambulation degradation
      • Leg swelling, unexplained
      • Undiagnosed foot pain
      • Tired legs
      • Unexplained leg/foot symptoms a doctor hasn’t been able to diagnose
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      Smalling Vascular Institute


      11025 Metcalf Ave
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